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    Post  AHolyMission on Tue May 23, 2017 6:02 pm

    An Australian child wandering in search of answers, met The Indian Teacher and A Holy Mission one day....
    A child that was wandering the planet searching for many years in search of truth and answers. Who explored all scriptures, religions, and books that only led to more questions and NO answers. One day the child finds a man sitting in India, waiting for this child to walk through their door. The man sitting sits everyday with eyes wide open without meditation nor fasting, everything he shared is visible with the naked eye. The child became amazed as each day passed, the questions it had were finally answered. The child together with the man share what has been shown only to spread truth and knowledge to all those seeking answers to questions that have been left unanswered. Together they become busy in building a website while creating a spiritual school like no other ever imagined before. Those who wish to join the child to see everything with naked eyes, the entire truth, and receive all answers to every question no human nor religion has ever asked nor answered, may join the child in “A Holy Mission”.
    Indian Teacher asked the child the following question:
    Teacher's Q. Why is every human, and living being, ranging in age from a new born infant, to a child/young/adult/as elderly as imaginable, obsessed to one thing the most in its existence & life – Hunger?
    The child's worldly answer to which he instantly corrected:
    Child's A. “In order to survive and keep alive” is not the answer, teacher says. He described entire God’s phenomena on this, in layman language, in half line merely.
    Teacher's Q: "Why is the general, natural color of plants green, so much so that merely the word plant flashes the color green in our minds?"
    Child's A. “Photosynthesis and absorption of sunlight” isn’t the answer, teacher says. He again describes entire God’s phenomena, in half line.
    Teacher's Q: "What is the human presently chanting more both in its mind and actions, its entire life - the word God or Money? So this is not something that God has done, or isn’t aware, nor sees? Then why’s God watching the replacement of his own name silently?"
    Child's A: Teacher answers this not even in half line, but in one word. Those who don't understand that one simple word as he told me, he explains that word in another half line.

    Baffled and shocked in the simplicity and truth of answers this Indian Teacher showed that are visible with bare eyes after these 3 Qs. The Australian child says " I sought spirituality and truth, what do these 3 Qs have to do with truth & spirituality?" This teacher smiled back and answered – "If what you are, how you are, what the nature around looks like, is not one tiny bit of what you know yet after endless research, what is your spirituality and religion and religious preceptors teaching you till date?"
    And then he shuts the child up with a quote he wrote –
    “It is because of the eyes that everybody’s blind – “

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    Yes materialism i.e. the pursuit/greed for money has a lot to answer for when in comes to blocking our spirituality....so too does fostering the ego.  Being overly self centred/focused falsely elevates the ego at the expense of lessening compassion.

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