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    Post  Lovinthejourney on Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:53 pm

    Awakening Silent Warriors

    Here's what you'll find at the homepage on my website. It is dedicated to all who are awakening!

    Welcome to the home of the Silent Warriors, an interconnected group of spiritual beings who have incarnated here on Earth, at this time, in order to bring about a shift in consciousness and a shift in energies on the planet. We are the warriors of Creation, doing our part to bring our planet through this very important transition. We are the lightworkers, flower, indigo and crystal children, starseeds, and earth angels, as well as many others who find themselves waking up, embarking on a spiritual journey, and discovering who they really are so that they can be a part of the Ascension.
    This site is dedicated to all of the silent warriors in the world who are seeking answers for what is happening to you and why it is happening. To help you become your own truth. To help you understand why you feel such a deep need to evolve and what your deeper sense of purpose is trying to show you. We are not just here to evolve as spiritual beings in a human existence, we are here to help humanity as a whole, and the entire planet herself, evolve. There is an imbalance of dark and light energy on our planet. We intentionally incarnated here, in this lifetime, to bring the balance back. To bring the light back to Earth through a worldwide process of alchemy—of transmutation. It is my hope that, in connecting with this site, you will find some guidance and tools to assist you in becoming your truth so that you can become an active part of this shift, and so that you can fulfill your purpose on Earth in this lifetime.

    I honor the divine in you that I honor within myself. Namaste!

    Please visit at

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