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    wierd unexplained flashes

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    wierd unexplained flashes Empty wierd unexplained flashes

    Post  sarojpollard on Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:52 am

    ok when i was 13, i use to get these weird flashes of people i never knew, and places ive never been to. at first i thought it was my overractive imagination, but im 19 now and 6 month ago, the start coming back but a lot stronger, i see other people just living there lives and doing there daily routine or ill see more places. i honestly dont know why and its driving me crazy

    i have notice i get them a lot when im at work to

    i dont know if my mind is just playing games with me or im connecting with other people, if so can they sence me, either way im just worried

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    wierd unexplained flashes Empty Re: wierd unexplained flashes

    Post  Carolyn on Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:05 pm

    I'm going to let you in on a little secret. This is coming from someone who was born seeing/sensing spirits. The ability to see/sense things is completely 100% related to your hormone levels. Its going to peak at times of hormonal upheaval.... like at the onset of puberty (age 13) and the end of puberty (age 19). If your a woman, its going to rise again when your pregnant, nursing, and every cycle of your blessed period. And then again when your going through menopause. You'll be able to sense pregnancy 6 months prior to conception, once your body gets in tuned to being pregnant after the first time. And then you'll become a "pregnancy alert monitor", you'll be able to sense pregnancy around you in others.

    Men also have "cycles" but they are milder and farther apart.

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